The SOIL Grassroots Academy Consulting Services:


SGA Virtual Homeschool:  $549/year or $49/month (per family/limit 10) (virtual attendance availability)


SGA Virtual Homeschool is a creative consulting service we offer to homeschooling families:


Enrichment Research

Resource Procurement

Homeschool schedule development

Creative coaching/consulting

Administrative coaching/consulting



SGA PACE Homeschool: $749/year or $69/month (per family/limit 5) (virtual access availability)


SGA PACE Homeschool is an online homeschool option for creative parents:


Weekly live video feed into the SOIL Academy Homeschool

Consulting for implementation of 5 R's :Research, Reflect, Review, Recall, and Recite

One on one parent/student support

Seamless social involvement



SGA FREEschool Co-op:  $949/year or $79/month (per family/limit 10)


SGA FREESchool Co-op is designed for students that attend the SOIL Academy online campus two days per week and engage in the SOIL Virtual Homeschool Options 3 days a week.


All services provided in SGA Virtual Homeschool and SGA PACE Homeschool Program

Added benefit of attending SGA Academy Campus twice a week (additional peer-to-peer interaction, eligibility for special projects and field trips)



All services that are provided above gives each family access to special and exclusive programs, classes, projects, and exclusive field trips.

In person, peer-to-peer and group interaction with SOIL GrassRoots Academy Co-op in a safe culturally centered environment. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM TO SEE HOW YOU CAN GET PAID TO HOMESCHOOL.