From Our Seeds to yours

RaMel's Day @ SOIL

Preparing For The Journey

The 4th - 6th grade seeds at SOIL has a walking stick of his/her own. By observing their environment, by walking  through the seasons and regularly sketching what they see, they gain an awareness of the ways living things adjust to the day to day life and other environmental factors.

When we study Script of Ancient Cultures, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students go beyond the books and try their hands at the writing on the walls.

Whether it is setting up an apothecary, writing entries in a journal as a former king or queen, or planting and harvesting the three R's – Respect, Responsibility, and Redemption – they learn to view life through perspectives different from their own.

Students also design and engineer their own blogs and simple online games and products to complete the necessary components of their economic challenge.

Logan's Day @ SOIL

Endless Learning Opportunities

Hands-on learning experiences are continued, with SOIL's 1st - 3rd grade seeds, where they certainly know the way to the backyard. With notebooks and magnifying glasses in hand, they explore, sketch what they see, record observations about the many types of plants and bugs that live together in this ecosystem to gain a first hand understanding of the balance of life.

SOIL students are encouraged to notice and ask questions about the world around them all the time.

Digging and exploring bugs, under rocks, watching butterflies and caterpillars change and grow, then creating an abstract painting of the process.

Watching caterpillars is a true lesson in patience, attention, and, of course, the appreciation for life and its many phases.

Bryce's Day  @ SOIL

Real Life Experiences

Children are naturally inquisitive, active learners, who teach themselves from their explorations of the world.

Our deliberately designed classroom and materials fully exploit these innate tendencies in Toddler to Kindergarten seeds.

In the SOIL GrassRoots Academy, children learn care of themselves, their environment and each other. Whether feeding the puppy, washing the table or sharing responsibilities in play time, young children are busy learning to understand and negotiate the world they live in.

Our homeschool Learning Garden is filled with engaging learning experiences like meal sharing, seed planting, mapping their own learning path and making lifelong behavioral patterns along the way.

Seed's Day @ SOIL

Doing It For The Culture

The 7th - 9th  grader is filled with wonder and curiosity now. Their mind awakened to the more logical way of thinking in sixth grade but now that they’ve been through a year of Black law, logical thinking, debate and other intellectual activities they are starting to realize that intellect and logic is not always dull.

When combined with creativity and wonder intellect and logic can be a powerful combination that can take them to places they never imagined! This is a Rite of Passage.

The children in this grade desires to explore these possibilities. At the same time they are also very interested in getting to know themselves on a deeper level. 

During this time we must foster their need for self-exploration as well as their need to explore the world. 

We will take this group on several field trips that are representative of their cultural soul.

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