Thank you for your interest in SOIL GrassRoots Academy. We look forward to offering and sharing many fun, nature related activities with your children. Our exciting, hands-on approach to education provides children the unique opportunity to conduct exciting and engaging discoveries and activities. You will be required to participate in affiliate activities such as sharing, writing reviews, and co-authoring our community blog in order to secure your child’s enrollment at our SGA Home Study Program. Attached to this webpage, you will find the necessary form to complete your child's enrollment.

SOIL GrassRoots Academy seeks to meet the academic, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of children and adolescents (K-12) by following a holistic, student-centered and student-led learning model in which students naturally learn from one another and the environment.

SOIL GrassRoots Academy is inspired by a variety of methods, which “emphasizes a holistic approach to learning” and “letting the child lead.” SOIL also supports the un-schooling concept that not all learning takes place during structured times, nor should it.

One of the many unique advantages of the SOIL curriculum is our focus on critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques and project based learning. Based on a detailed pre-assessment and the Culturally Centered framework, facilitators design "customized curriculum" including projects and activities appropriate for each individual student.

Please request your SGA packet and return to your “Homeschool Consultant” email at: no later than Monday, August 19th, 2019 to secure your child’s enrollment. This is a first come first served basis. SPACE IS LIMITED. 

The program brings fun hands on activities and demonstrations that allow your child to explore education in a hands on environment. SOIL GrassRoots Academy (SGA) will begin offering these services at our onsite location beginning Monday September 9th, 2019.