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Posted by RaShaunda Lugrand on March 15, 2017 at 10:45 PM

Greetings SOIL Family and Friends,

I couldn't belive that this would even happen like this. I thought I had a good working system let my tribe tell it.

As I sat down in front of a pile of books and papers that awkardly lined the floor of my home office, when I got a hunch that things were about to shift and that the next few weeks would be a HUGE tansition. Not really paying attention to flow of what this meant, I pushed along as usual. Later that week, it hit me... I know why so many families struggle with the idea of homeschooling- they are just stuck in the way of traditional education. 

So I laid in bed that night, I could not fall right to sleep, so I grabbed my cell phone (my husband calls it my boyfriend) and began randomly searching for titiles of school types (i.e., homeschool, unschool, worldschool) you see where I'm going here. 

And what I found was a bunch of restricted ideas about how to be a good teacher for your child. I was sort of discussed. The long lists of things to do. The hardwork vs. The non-academic stuff. Not only was it overwhelming, I was beginning to question my own message to homeschoolers. I thought about how capable my own seeds are of being inventive and how well they are developing. 

Then I began writing a laundry list of things that I would do different to make sure that we not only sustain as a homeschooling family, yet thrive as a family of FREESchoolers. This is the only way that we could REALLY be of any help to others. While it was my first thought to give you all 47 things I jotted down, I had to digress.

So, here I will share with you what (FREESchooling) means for you as members and our future members in 3 points.

1.) Managed expectations are the key to success for any parent with school-age children. We cannot let our own expectations of our child's future affect the way we navigate the educaitonal system. Letting change seek you out in what some call a crisis, I call it the ancestors speaking to us to evolve. 

2.) Guard your heart and mind "At The Same Damn Time". Yep, I said it. In a world full of influence and social normalcies, we have to be focued yet flexible. Bad attitudes, arguments, and moodiness according to the RETROGRADE periods are trivial. This is a powerful tool to me and I find solace in baring witness to all the good things that I see my children doing and learning how to do something new... EVERYDAY!

3.) Find inspiration in the fact that YOUR LIFESTYLE is the most awesome schooling/edcuation that your can every give your child. No matter if you have (1) or (21) each of them add to the curriculum of your life. Because in hinesight, we as the parents just might be the students here...


Sending Love and Light,


RaShaunda Lugrand, NLP | CHBD | CHC

Creative Homeschool Coach


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