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A Univesal Design

Posted by RaShaunda Lugrand on August 8, 2015 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)



A 100% Parent-Led Design



It is very critical that we as homeschooling families understand, we can choose the way we want our children to be educated. As self-directed parents/learning coaches, we have chosen an experimental program model that is 100% child centered and parent led.



Seeing other families using this as their program is such an empowering feeling. We understant that what may work for one family, may be in opposition for another. We give parents the option and support they need to supplement and change this.

While using the traditional public school design, seeds are given a rudimentary block of exercises that seldomly exposes them to any new information. They are still recycled the same information that we as parents learned over 30 years ago, with and exception to a few new schools. These schools have a hefty price tag on tuition and a low diversity rate in the curriculum.

We believe that this stagnation in the educational system is why children drop out of school at such an alarming rate.

67% of all grade 4 students cannot read at a proficeint level. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, of those 67%, 33% reads at just the BASIC level, and 34% cannot achieve reading abilities of the lowest basice level.


Here at SOIL we have found power in a teaching community ran by parents as teachers and administrators, led by the imagination of our child centered agency. Understanding this process, is finding a sense of ownership in the learning process, which can be passed down for generations.

Our social welfare organization, opens the door for a greater appreciation of the families we serve, by offering stakeholder benefits to stimulate and sustain our social and commercial interests. This hybrid program will safeguard your economic profile and increase social impact using our independent core strategies as homeschooling educators. By the implementation of economic solutions, you are not only engaging in a company geared towards communal financial awareness, but also developing a financial literacy portfolio for social entrepreneurialism.

Children learn what they live. And most people that live in this world, are filled up with information that they cannot apply their lives. SOIL Grassrots Academy is more than just another curriculum driven platform for homeschooling famiies. We are a total learning and sharing experience.

Join the evolution of "WholeSchooling"...

We don't just teach children HOW to read... We teach children HOW to live... Secure and empowered...

So ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I ready to be part of a strategic team?

Am I ready to be part of a dynamic community?

Am I ready to be part of a results oriented platform?

By now you know what you want. And we are here to help you set your homeschool vision in motion.

CLICK the link below to immediately make the life shift with us.


We know you can DIG it!

The SOIL Founding Family


Tilling The SOIL

Posted by RaShaunda Lugrand on June 25, 2015 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Building A New School



Thank you for becoming a member of our homeschool family. We are excited to have you as a part of our experiential learning platform. We know that you are anxious to see what your membership entails, we are drawing near to finalizing our launch date and looking forward to your feed back. Here you will find a detailed foundation of what your membership means to SOIL GrassRoots Academy.



The beauty of building something new is never the easiest task. It takes plenty of patience and flexibility to bring the vision to pass.



Only beginning as a concept, SOIL blossoming into a full fledge homeschool concierge service.



While there is such a need for alternative education, we aim to facilitate a strong cultural perspective, that magnifies the power of language and communication.



We believe that language acquisition does not begin with speech, yet with vibrational frequency.



This language is universal.


"A large portion of the Egyptian philosophy and religion was constructed almost wholly upon the science of numbers, everything in nature was explained on this principle alone".


Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680): German Jesuit Mathematician & Philosopher.



This holds true for the inner core of our teaching concepts at SOIL. From the innate spark of universal intelligences we find, a mathematical language of vibration, which articulated by numbers, and expressed through geometric ratios that define sound, color (light,) and form.



Everything in creation is designed and defined by these archetypal patterns. It is the geometric expression of these archetype energies that opens our intuitive awareness and understanding of these energetic characteristics. Numbers and the symbols that express them, have the same meaning throughout this world's cultures, and indeed, it is this language that is truly universal.



The SOIL Blueprint is designed from the root-essence of geometric principles and characteristics, from number 1 - 9.



This is the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or based.



SOIL is a unique prototype for highly developed elements of psychological behaviors from observing the modern theory of origins, collective unconsciousness, and biological curiosity.



A perfect example would be; the child that is born with no idea that he or she is identified by a specific race, but an inherited idea is derived from certain experiences, which make the child aware of his or her being on an individual aspect unconsciously.



So in the mind of a child, they gravitate to what is common for them, what they want to experience, what is innately familiar. This action is common, with speech development because similar things are patterned by specific building blocks that define the original model or example.



Defining The Usage Of SOIL will take more than an email or blog post to understand. It will take conceiving the vision and then giving birth to a new thing. Like a woman transitioning from the first trimester to full term being 36 to 40 weeks, our thematic approach, brings early childhood education back to the womb of the community.



Our 3 day classroom week, extends 2 days of self discovery into the social field, for emotional and intellectual immunity.



Children are able to experience life outside of homeschool work, while exploring the valor of everyday patterns in their lives as it relates to influence, discipline, and acceptance of the world that they understand and know.



Like the first stone that is made, from the elements of soil and water, there has to be a right consistency in order for the stones to be molded in a way, that promises a sturdy foundation on which to provide balance. This is part of the mathematical principle we call “Math Magic” for the toddlers and “ALPHA Math” for the older seeds.



Math is our first building block of self expression and the firmness of our strength of mind and spirit. Without knowledge of right mathematics our people parish for mathematics is the first scientific language.




Can you DIG it?




Welcome to SOIL GrassRoots Academy


School Of Imaginative Learning


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